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MRC has been developed to obtain higher efficiency and wider operation range over conventional centrifugal
and screw-type compressors by using the advantage of varying speed of motor and active magnetic bearing systems.

It can achieve outstanding performance with high efficiencies for HVAC applications.
MRC has a range of 200 to 500 tons.

▶ High  compressor  efficiency  for  optimized  compression  design.
▶ Wide  operation  range  of  compressing  R134a  by  adapting  high  speed  motor  and  variable  speed  drive.
▶ Oil-free  system  provides  no  lubrication  and  no  oil  management  cost.
▶ Active  magnetic  bearings  enable  zero  wear-out  for  life  time  operation.
▶ Compactness  with  smaller  footprint  and  below  20%  weight  of  screw  compressors.
▶ Very  low  consumption  of  electric  power  is  achieved  by  positioning  the  rotor  in  vertical  that  can  cancel  out  rotor    

    weight from the thrust load.
▶ Easy  access  of  power  electronics  gives  free  of  detaching  compressor  unit  from  the  refrigerant  system 

    when  service  required.

1. Energy efficient compressor
   : Optimized 2-stage centrifugal compression design
2. Wide range of operation
   - Variable speed control of PM motor and IGV operation
   - Impressive part load efficiency achieved
3. Environment friendliness
   - Magnetic bearings employed, wear-free and minimal maintenance
   - No lubrication system included,  clean and compact
4. Vertically oriented rotor system
   - Smaller footprint
   - Less operation power required for magnetic bearings
   - Vibration free and high reliability



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