PM Generator for Turbo-fan Engine

 1. Product Summary

    PM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Rotor) generator is mounted on inlet frame of turbo-fan engine

    and rotates at the speed of engine producing variable frequency and voltage of AC power.  


2. Specification

    Rated Power : 5kW

    Maximum Operating Speed : 35,200 RPM

    Cooling : Induced Air


3. Advantages

    Higher efficiency than homo-polar machines

    Smaller and lighter

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MILITARY_PCU & PM Generator for UCAV

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1. Appllication
UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle)


2. Specification

    29Vdc @180 ~ 375Vdc

    Rated Power 4kW


3. Main feature of Product

   Low noise (Load sharinig)

   High efficiency

   Dynamic load capability (1MHz)

   Compact design (Fuel cooling)

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